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11 years ago by Tom Murphy
Chances are, if you've been paying attention for the past seventeen years or so, you know who Tool is. You probably also know some really obnoxious idiots who worship this band mostly for its darkness and the brutal precision of its instrumentation -- that, and its supposedly misanthropic themes. This...

Mixel Pixel

16 years ago by Jason Heller
Queen used to put disclaimers in its records proudly stating that "no synthesizers were used on this record." Of course, that was before the '80s enslaved the world -- Freddie Mercury and crew included -- in a Tron-like dystopia of silicon chips and squiggly blips. Delaware's Mixel Pixel still lives...

Pretty as a Pixel

8 years ago by Susan Frioyd
What might look to you like painted bricks, sticks, flowerpots and stones have deeper meanings for artist Thomas Scharfenberg. He calls these colorful, recycled found objects “physical pixels” and installs them in unexpected niches and seemingly random locations around the city. He sees them as “glitches” — bridges between the...

Flobots Fight With Tools

14 years ago by Dave Herrera
Stephen Brackett's intuition was unbelievably strong — when it came to Jamie Laurie, anyway. On his first day at Bradley Elementary, the wide-eyed fourth-grader took one look at the fifth-grader across the schoolyard and whispered to his father, "Hey, Dad, that guy's going to be my friend." "And then," Brackett...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.