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Why Colorado Tokers Love Cookies and Cream

4 years ago by Herbert Fuego
A very popular strain on its own, Girl Scout Coookies is becoming just as beloved for its offspring as it is for itself — if not more. GSC’s kids include Gelato, Platinum GSC, Sherbet and Thin Mints, a couple of which are personal favorites. But Exotic Genetix out of Washington state might’ve created the strongest colt of all with its thunderous Cookies and Cream.

The "Why-The-Hell-Are-We-So-Busy?" Festival

7 years ago by Amber Taufen
Evan Weissman, one of the programmers behind the civic health club Warm Cookies of the Revolution, says he and his cohorts have wanted to create an event about how busy everybody is for quite some time. “We were talking about this idea that everyone is so busy — or feels...

Sexual misconduct at Denver women's prison: Why is the claimed rate so high?

8 years ago by Alan Prendergast
A new government report on the rate of sexual victimization in America's jails and prisons lists the Denver Women's Correctional Facility as having the highest rate of sexual assault and misconduct by staff of any lockup in the nation -- four times the national average, in fact. That figure is...

Off Limits

21 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
Oh, the heartbreak! For all these years, we thought we'd been buying Girl Scout cookies in support of the organization's efforts to build character in young girls and help them do good deeds (and because we have no self-control when it comes to Tagalongs). But as it turns out, our...

Marijuana: William Breathes Guides You Through New Pot Edibles Rules

7 years ago by William Breathes
Edibles had a rough ride in Colorado last year. With deaths blamed on pot food, an increase in emergency-room visits and a very public freakout by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, edibles came under fire in Colorado in 2014. As a result, state lawmakers and the Marijuana Enforcement...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.