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Cackling With the Crack

20 years ago by Juliet Wittman
If Rattlebrain is a fair example, Denver-area comedy clubs have come a long way since the days when shows consisted of a succession of middle-aged guys wearing large turquoise jewelry and performing sexist monologues. The Rattlebrain Theater Company has taken over the basement of the venerable D&F clock tower on...

Cracking the Case

26 years ago by T.R. Witcher
Pathologist Robert Greer has spent more than twenty years researching the mysteries of cancer at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. But it was during trips to his favorite restaurant, Dozens, to escape the hustle and bustle of the hospital, that he stumbled onto a mystery of a different...

Microsoft store opens tomorrow at Park Meadows: Eat that, Apple!

11 years ago by Melanie Asmar
The wait is over, nerds. Microsoft has announced the location of its third-ever store: the Park Meadows shopping center in Lone Tree. Or, as the center's promo folks like to call it, "the Park Meadows Retail Resort." Back in April, we told you Microsoft was planning to open a store...

Falling Through the Cracks

23 years ago by Steve Jackson
Given his immediate charm, it wasn't surprising that Christopher Lance Johnson sold cars for a living. In fact, that was how he and Betty got together. She wanted a black Mustang convertible. Chris, a good-looking, smooth-talking 21-year-old she met through a friend, found her one. The romance was soon off...


27 years ago by Robin Chotzinoff
In the beginning, there is Tower Road. A vanishing point leads east toward I-70 and the rising sun. The view offers not just amber waves of grain, but purple mountains' majesty as well. Downtown Denver hangs fifteen miles to the west, a few water towers impersonate giant golf balls on...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.